AXIS M1125 Network Cameras

AXIS M1125 Network Cameras

  • $419.00

  • HDTV 1080p in 25/30 fps
  • WDR – Forensic Capture 
  • Axis’ Zipstream technology
  • Day/Night capability
  • Powered by 8-28 V DC or PoE

AXIS M1125 offers a professional and affordable fixed camera suitable for a wide range of video surveillance applications, such as for retail and banking as well as libraries and other office buildings. It can be used indoors, as well as in an outdoor housing.

Images optimized for forensic analysis

Supporting WDR - Forensic Capture capability, the video is highly optimized for forensic purposes and provides extreme levels of detail – even in scenes with very complex light conditions. Thanks to the automatic IR-cut filter, AXIS M1125 can deliver images both day and night. Furthermore, the network camera includes the ability to seamlessly transition between WDR and low-light mode.


AXIS F41 F1005E No wdr

Conventional camera without wide dynamic range

Camera with wide dynamic range applied

More video, less storage

AXIS M1125 incorporates Axis’ Zipstream technology, which is a radically more efficient H.264 implementation, lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by an average 50% or more for many common 24/7 surveillance use cases. 


Regular video stream at 1254 kbit/s

Regular video stream at 1254 kbit/s

 Axis´Zipstream technology at 601 kbit/s

Axis’ Zipstream technology at 601 kbit/s